5 Point Mini-Camps

Fall and Spring

Join us for Fall or Spring “Boot-Camp” to fast-track skill development in the basketball pre-and-post season.

This camp is meant specifically for boys and girls that are in 2nd-8th grades.

If a baller desires to enhance his or her SKILLS or is just working extra hard to make the CUT for a team, this is an event to attend!  LONE STAR HOOPS L.L.C. offers “mini-camps” specifically meant to jump-start precisely defined abilities necessary to compete in today’s game.  We call it a 5-POINT mini-camp – much like the points of a “star-to-be.” Emphasizing shooting, passing, ball-handling, defense and footwork, the quick pace and intense energy of the 16 hours will guarantee to sharpen performance and put emphasis on the “reps and touches” that can bring a baller’s game to its top level!

Happy coaches

Ball Handling


 St. Dominic Savio Catholic HS